Document Review Services

Document Review Services

Our bespoke solutions integrate skill-set of the top 1% legal minds, data analysis, and cutting edge tech trends to assist throughout the entire eDiscovery process. By putting business first mindset, our suite of tools and capabilities assists legal teams for successful results.

Multi-faceted by design

Our minutely curated team of lawyers are specifically designed to bring together various domain skills and expertise to tackle the specific needs of each project with utmost efficiency.

Clear Quotation

Our Billing models are inherently built upon transparency backed by cost structures that meet the dynamic nature of industry.

Scalable Horizon

We have core relationships with organizations and outside counsel to procure repeatable, defensible processes to meet business lacuna of any foreseeable scale with pristine accuracy. ​

Global Footings

With 100+ employees in the US and Asia/ Pacific, Inductus can deliver review projects of any scale and specification. To fulfil the timeline and cost margins, we have the options to onshore, offshore, and even multi-shore resources. This follows a “follow the sun” model.

Sneak Peek

You can work with a dedicated Inductus’s Project Manager and overview team as they are being prepped for your project and its intricacies. This impacts consistency, accuracy, and efficiency, elevating the overall fluidity of the project. Regular reviews can rectify any minor hiccups.


It is core prerequisite that we tailor each plan and structure to meet the overall demands of each client backed by our consultative mindset towards doc review. This ranges from delivering the top of the line review process accompanied by tech tools for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Privacy and security

  • We employ stringent security measures to safeguard sensitive information from state-of-the-art biometric controls to Multi-factor authentication, encrypted communication channels, and restricted access protocols to ensure confidentiality.
  • As part of our security protocol, all devices are subject to robust security measures such as encryption, remote wipe capabilities, and adherence to data protection regulations. Additionally, access to confidential information is restricted on a need-to-know basis, with regular training and reminders on data security best practices.