Cyber Incident Response

Cyber Incident Response

We instill confidence and act swiftly with precision. In the event of a cybersecurity breach, our team delivers rapid insights into the potential severity, promptly determining the extent of exposure and obligations to the company, customers, employees, and third parties.

Cyber Incident Review and Notification List Creation

In collaboration with cyber insurance firms, cyber consultancies, and law practices, we assist in cyber incident reviews, employing proprietary data mining, AI, technology, and custom workflows to swiftly identify private and sensitive information, crucial in the early stages of an incident.

Processing and Hosting

We maintain both on premise and cloud-based data processing and hosting environments, providing our globally situated clients with a flexible and scalable infrastructure.

Early Data Assessment and Planning

Leveraging proprietary and industry-leading technology along with legal and applied analytics expertise, we analyze data, report on sensitive data categories, and provide insights into potentially exposed sensitive information to inform budgeting and planning.

Programmatic Identification and Extraction of Entities

Utilizing analytics and AI, including custom data privacy models and client/industry-specific data elements, we identify affected data subjects and automate the extraction of sensitive information from structured and unstructured datasets.

Expert Human Document Review

Augmenting programmatic review with human-assisted extraction, our deeply experienced resources ensure adherence to review protocols, consistency of extractions, and quality assurance.

Development and Delivery of Notification Lists

We adhere to rigorous extraction and quality processes to produce “mail-ready” notification lists, including data normalization, consolidation, entity resolution, and deduplication.

Proactive Identification of Sensitive Data

As part of incident response or an organization’s ongoing data privacy program, we offer technologies behind corporate firewalls to identify, categorize, and report on sensitive personal and business confidential data.